Indonesia Tsunami – Search For Survivors

The saturday's tsunami death toll reached 281, Indonesian rescuers are desperate to search for survivors after the a volcano triggered a tsunami.  

More than thousand people were injured, and over 50 are still missing. 

Tens and hundreds of houses, hotels, and shops were destroyed by the waves. The tsunami hit the coast of southern Sumatra and the western tip of Java after a 'child' volcano Krakatoa erupted.

The damage hit two major districts Banten and Lampung provinces that are within the Sunda Strait. 

The high waters of uprooted trees and left debris across the beaches.

Rescue teams used heavy weaponry and equipment to haul debris from the areas around the Sunda Strait, thousands were evacuated from the affected region.

Heavy rains and winds there might be a slight delay in the clearance and rescue operations. 

Dramatic footage of an event at a pop band 'Seventeen' went viral on social media. Two band members were killed along with its manager, while three others, including the lead singer's wife, are missing.

The archipelago nation is highly prone to disasters due to its position which is called Pacific Ring of Fire, where tectonic plates keep collide.

Experts believe that the tsunami may have occurred because the bottom parts of the volcano collapsed. The volcano created a havoc in 1883 by killing 36,000 people and changing the weather patterns of the earth. The current active stage of the volcano would only strain the Sunda Strait.