Indonesia Protests: Thousands rally against new job law that relaxes rigid labour and environment rules

Thousands of protesters rallied against the a new job law in the two cities of Indonesia, police use water cannons and tear gas.

On Tuesday, thousands of workers and students protested peacefully across the archipelago at the start of a three-day national strike against President Joko Widodo’s “omnibus” Job Creation bill, which was passed into law on Monday.

Later police in the evening used water cannons against hundreds of protesters in the city of Serang in Banten province, about 70 km to the west of Jakarta.

In Bandung, protesters hurled rocks and fire crackers and damaged a police car, according to

In Jakarta, police blocked workers from protesting in front of the national parliament, citing the need to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The law revises more than 70 existing laws to accelerate reform of Southeast Asia’s largest economy, say it is too pro-business with its removal of labor protections and relaxation of environmental rules.

Government officials say the law relaxes rigid labor rules and streamlines environmental rules in order to improve the investment climate and create jobs.