‘Individual Autonomy’: New York parent files legal request to marry own adult child

A New York parent filed a legal request to marry their own adult child and has called it a case of “individual autonomy.” The parent also wants laws about the incestuous practice to be overturned.

The New York Post reported the parent wishes to be anonymous because their request is one that will be deemed “morally, biologically and socially repugnant.”

The court papers give a very vague description of the parent or the adult child in question and no gender, hometown or other details have been revealed.

In the request, the parent has argued that marriage, a bond between two people, can be seen as a “greater expression of intimacy and spirituality” between two people.

The “proposed spouses” are adults and biological parent and child. According to court papers, the “proposed spouses” are also unable to have children together.

Under New York law, incest is a third degree felony and punishable by up to four years in prison.

The parent who wants to marry their own child said they want to propose but is worried about causing emotional harm if they do it while the laws are intact.