India’s two new union territories – Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Union Territory of Ladakh

The Union Government proposed in Parliament to clear a proposal that bifurcates the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories which are effectively semi-states. Jammu and Kashmir would be one union territory with its own legislature, like Delhi and Ladakh would be the other but without its own assembly.

“There has been a long pending demand of people of Ladakh, to give it the status of a Union Territory to enable them to realise their aspirations. The Union Territory of Ladakh will be without Legislature,” the statement read.

Mr. Shah proposed this after he informed the parliament that Article 370 has been abolished with the President signing an order that comes into effect “at once.”

As the bill was being introduced in the parliament chaotic scenes were seen in the House.

Article 370 gave Kashmir its own constitution and restricted the centre’s powers to deciding matters of defence, communications and external affairs. For any other area, the centre had to get the state legislature’s approval.

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