India’s Most Wanted Movie Review

Arjun Kapoor starer “India’s Most Wanted” hit the cinemas this weekend.

The movie opens with blasts at Pune’s famous German Bakery followed by a series of blasts that ripped across multiple cities. Therefore Arjun Kapoor who plays an investigative officer is on a chase to find the culprit, code naming him India’s Osama. Mr. Kapoor along with a small group of officers find leads about the suspects hideouts in Nepal, and set off for the mission.

The movie has a straight graph, and there aren’t any surprises, making the movie easily predictable. Director Raj Kumar Gupta keept the story firmly tethered to reality did not allow it to soar.

However, there are a few characters who may have been added but don’t connect to the main part of the story. For instance, an ISI women agent is included who is made to act foolish. Apart from this from nowhere a Nepalese police officer too gets involved in the chase of the mastermind.

The movie has a good storyline, which of course becomes predictable. The locations for shoot are mostly Bihar and Nepal, therefore it gives some great drone footage of the mountainous terrain.

The makers have not fully utilised the resources that they had, therefore it is probably better for movie goers to skip this one out and watch it at home.

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