India’s most ‘Atma-Nirbhar’ village that grows everything

After India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, flagged of the ‘Make in India’ initiative in September 2014 and re-launched it again with a new name ‘Atma-Nirbharta’ (self-reliance) amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a tribal village in Madhya Pradesh is living it in its true sense.

Patalkot, a village located in the the low ranges of the Satpura hills in Chhindwara district grows everything everything and only buys salt.

The village is inhabited by the tribal clan Bharia, who have their own way of living for so many years. In fact it was didn’t even exist in the Indian map until recently.

The village, home to the Bharia community among two others, is located 17 feet below the surface. With just 12 villages in presence, the community comes with a unique culture.

From food to living resources, the answers to all their needs are found in the forest they live in. The only thing they need to step out for is salt.

They are extremely affectionate towards nature, the residents of this village do not cut trees. They make houses with trees that have fallen off.