India’s coronavirus tally surges to 4.4 million

India on Wednesday reported 89,706 new coronavirus infections, taking the total tally to 4.4 million.

India has now reported the largest single-day increases in cases every day for more than a month worldwide and is the second worst affected country after the United States.

However, its death rate remained relatively low, but is starting to show signs of rising, with more than 1,000 deaths reported daily for eight days straight.

Over the past 24-hours India reported 1,115 COVID-19 deaths, taking the total death toll to 73,890 as per the health ministry.

With the infection spiralling over the past few days, the government is facing immense criticism over handling of the pandemic.

India had initially implemented one of the strictest measures to slow the pandemic, which included implementing a nationwide lockdown that was deemed the largest in the world.

While the lockdown helped prevent an early outbreak as case counts remained lower than countries in the Americas and Europe, it severely hit the country’s large impoverished population.

The lockdown, which went into effect with very little prior warning left millions of immigrant workers stranded in cities, with no income and no means to head back home. Many eventually walked hundreds of miles back to their villages, likely taking the deadly virus with them to India’s rural regions.

Now with one of the worst economy condition at hand, the government is pushing to ease restrictions, so that businesses open and in turn revive the economy.

(As of 2000hrs on Wednesday, India reported a total of 44,03,574 infections: Covid19India tracker)

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