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Indian university distributes answer key instead of question papers to students in exam hall

A university in the Indian state of Kerala made a major blunder by providing its students with the answer key instead of the question paper.

Seeing this as an opportunity, no student reported the matter and continued to finish the exam and left the exam hall, reports say.

The serious lapse was discovered too late during the evaluation process. After noticing the mistake, a complaint was raised.

The answer key was distributed instead of the question paper for the fourth-semester BSc Electronics exam, which was held in February. It was a unique exam held in the midst of the COVID-19 restrictions. So far, no action has been taken by the university against the guilty officials.

The state governor, Arif Mohammad Khan said that individuals responsible for the question paper fiasco would have to accept responsibility for their blunders. He also asserted that while school-level education in Kerala is excellent, the state’s higher education sector is in disarray.

“The higher education sector in the state is in the doldrums. This is a clear sign of incompetence. Somebody must take up the responsibility. What is the commission going to do? Somebody should voluntarily take up the responsibility for it,” The Times Of India quoted him saying.