Indian Navy Joins Rescue Operations In Meghalaya

Attempts to rescue miners trapped in Meghalaya mine safely getting grimmer with each passing day. About 15 miners are stranded in a rat hole mine of Jaintia Hills, for 17 days now.

Indian navy joined the operations to rescue the miners, deep sea divers were airlifted by the navy from Andhra Pradesh to the Meghalaya.

The navy would use underwater drones to locate the trapped miners, however it would be not short of a miracle for the trapped miners to come back alive from the flooded mine, without air, food and supplies for 17 days.

A team from the Indian navy and Kirloskar Brothers Ltd reacted the site to assist with rescue work. Firefighters from Odisha equipped with high-tech equipment also reached the site on Saturday to assist in the rescue operation.

A sonar system was used to find the miners but it had not yielded any positive results. The challenge for the authorities was the unavailability a map of the mine or a blueprint as it was operated illegally.

The owner of the mine was arrested and there is still a search going on for the manager and other management.