Indian man takes 11 doses of Covid-19 vaccine, gets caught while going for 12th

A man in India claimed to have been inoculated with 11 doses of Covid-19 vaccines and was caught while going for his 12th.

According to reports, the man was identified as 89-year-old Brahmadev Mandal, a resident of Orai village of Puraini in Bihar state.

Madhepura district Civil Surgeon Amarendra Pratap Shahi said that an inquiry will be launched to probe how Mandal had managed to evade the authorities so many times.

Mandal said that he took 11 doses as the vaccines had beneficial effects on him.

“I benefitted a lot from the vaccine. This is why I have been taking it repeatedly,” he said.

Mandal, a retired postal department employee, said that he took his first vaccine shot on February 13 last year. Between February 13 and December 30, he took 11 jabs at a Public Health Centre.

He even jotted down the place, date and time when the shots were administered to him.

Appealing to everyone to get vaccinated, Mandal said, “The government has made a wonderful thing [vaccine].”

But a person getting vaccinated so many times has raised questions on the system.

Mandal allegedly submitted his Aadhaar card and his phone number on eight occasions and used his voter ID card and his wife’s phone number on the other three.

Health department officials claimed that the system can be cheated at the offline camps. They said that the Aadhaar card and phone numbers are collected at the camps and later fed into the database. However, sometimes, the details are rejected if they are found to have been repeated. This may allow people to evade the system.

“This is why the data on the computer and that on the offline register differ sometimes,” an official said.

This is not the first time that something bizarre has occurred. Earlier reports claimed that dead people received messages of successful administration of the vaccine.