Indian man kills himself as offering to God for getting bank job

An man in India from Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu’s Kanyakumari district died of suicide after getting a bank job.

Naveen, 32, had been frustrated in life as he was unable to get a job. He had prayed that if he were to get a job, then he would give up his life and “be with God”.

Naveen then got a job in the Mumbai branch of Bank of India.

Nearly 15 days after joining work, Naveen flew down to Thiruvananthapuram and went to a railway station and lay down on a railway track. He was killed after a train ran him over.

Naveen had left a suicide note stating that he was fulfilling the promise he had made to God that he would be with him if he were to get a job.

Nagercoil railway police rushed to the spot and took custody of the body.

The police are now investigating if there was any other reason for Naveen to have taken this extreme step.

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