Indian man accidentally swallows toothbrush while brushing his teeth

In a bizarre incident, a man from India’s north east accidentally swallowed a tooth brush while brushing his teeth.

Doctors in Arunachal Pradesh’s Pasighat removed the toothbrush from a man’s stomach at the earliest, fearing delay could worsen the patient’s condition within 24 hours of the incident.

A minor surgery that took about 30- 35 minutes was conducted to remove the brush.

The 39-year-old unnamed man said he was trying to clean the tooth cavities when the brush slipped off his hand and he swallowed it.

His family members then rushed him to a local clinic which then referred him to the Bakin Pertin General Hospital where doctors conducted an X-ray but could not locate the toothbrush in the man’s oesophagus.

Another surgeon said that the brush must have entered the stomach and suggested the patient be admitted to hospital for a laparotomy test. Surprisingly, the patient had only been feeling minor discomfort due to the accident.

Dr Bomni Tayeng, who assisted in the surgery said that he was also surprised how someone could swallow a whole toothbrush.

The patient was doing well and was also discharged from the hospital.

The toothbrush that was accidentally swallowed

This is not the first time such an incident has happened. Doctors from a southern Chinese hospital had last year removed a 14-centimetre-long toothbrush from a man’s intestines he had swallowed 20 years ago in a bid to die by suicide