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Indian government blacklists New Zealand YouTuber Karl Rock from visiting India for one year

YouTuber Karl Edward Rice, who goes by the name ‘Karl Rock’ in a video posted alleging that he has been blacklisted and barred from entering India.

On Friday, Rock uploaded a YouTube video titled ‘Why I haven’t seen my wife in 269 days’, where he claimed he has been separated from his wife and in-laws because he was blacklisted by the Indian government.

Rock is a New Zealand national and visa holder who is married to an Indian national, Manisha Malik, since 2019 and resided in Delhi’s Pitampura till October 2020.

Along with his YouTube video, Karl also started a petition.

“I left India to go travel Dubai and Pakistan in October 2020 and upon leaving they cancelled my visa at the airport. They wouldn’t tell me why. So in Dubai I applied for a new visa. They called me in for a meeting and told me I had been blacklisted and therefore they couldn’t issue me a visa to go home,” he writes in the petition. He adds that he wasn’t given a notice for the reason of his blacklist. “Before someone is added to the Blacklist they’re meant to be given the reason, and time to reply. I wasn’t.”

The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs through confimed that the YouTuber was indeed barred for violating the terms of his visa, which included “violating multiple visa norms, he was found doing business on a tourist visa, he is barred for one year, his visa is cancelled.”

Being married to an Indian national, Rock was issued an X-2 visa, meant for spouses and children of Indian nationals, which was valid till 2024. One of the conditions of the visa was that he had to exit India every 180 days or intimate the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) concerned. His last entry into India was in November 2019, reports claimed.

While Rock was exiting India to travel to Dubai and Pakistan in October 2020, his visa was cancelled at the Delhi Airport. In Dubai, he applied for a new visa and was then called to the Indian High Commission and informed that he had been blacklisted.

Rock had shot to popularity in Indian audiences when last year, he had donated plasma earlier for Covid-19 patients in India.

Karl Rock has been residing in India for the last few years, has thousands of followers and travels to different cities of India exploring.