Indian farmer unearths DIAMOND worth $8,200 in the land he leased for $2.71

An Indian farmer from the state of Madhya Pradesh found a 14.98 carat diamond worth about USD $8,200 in a land he leased last month for USD $2.71.

The man Lakhan, said he will not do anything big with the money but instead save it in a fixed deposit to ensure his four kids get good education.

He found the diamond when he scooped out a handful of stones and pebbles and found something strange within them. The piece that he discovered started shining when he rubbed the dust off it. As per the report, Lakhan had taken the piece to the district diamond office who confirmed that it was indeed diamond.

With the compensation money, he bought two hectares of land. He also owns two buffaloes and a motorcycle from the money he got from the district administration upon the deposition of diamond.

He now plans to extend the leased land where he found the diamond for a few more months in hope to find another diamond.