Indian family 2 billion wedding celebration, fined fifty-four thousand for waste clean up

A South African based Gupta family deposited INR₹ 54,000 with the municipal corporation of Auli town in Uttarakhand to clean up the waste left after their INR₹ 200 crore wedding celebration.

“The Gupta family had deposited INR₹ 54,000 as user charge. Over 150 quintal waste has been cleaned up till now. After the cleaning work is complete the total bill of all the expenses, including manual labour and vehicles, will be sent to them. The family has agreed to pay the entire bill and also provide a vehicle to the civic body,” said the municipality president Shailendra Panwar.

The municipal corporation has deployed 20 workers to clear the waste lying around in the area.

The High Court has instructed the district administration and Pollution Control Board to submit a report by the 7th of July on the harm caused to the environment due to the waste. The next hearing in the matter is on the 8th of July.

Earlier, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was also filed stating the extensive wedding preparations were damaging the environment. Many celebrities, including chief ministers, Bollywood stars like Katrina Kaif, yoga guru Baba Ramdev had attended the wedding. Ramdev conducted a two-hour yoga session at the wedding.  Guests arrived at the wedding in hired choppers.

Almost all the hotels and resorts were booked and flowers were imported from Switzerland for the two high-profile marriages. The wedding celebrations of Suryakant, son of Ajay Gupta, took place in Auli from June 18 to 20, while the marriage of Atul Gupta’s son Shashank was held from June 20 to 22.

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