Indian Cricket Team Manager Sunil Subramaniam Misbehaves With High Commission Officials in West Indies

Indian cricket team’s administrative manager Sunil Subramaniam would be reprimanded by the BCCI for allegedly misbehaving with officials of the country’s High Commissions in West Indies.

India is currently touring West Indies for a full series, which ends with the Test on September 3rd.

Senior BCCI officials said: “The Indian team was supposed to shoot a small advertisement on ‘Water Conservation’ as this directive came from the government. It was learnt that the two High Commissions were informed by the BCCI that Subramanium is their point person as he is the administrative manager. When a very senior person from Indian High Commission in Trinidad & Tobago called up Subramaniam seeking his co-operation, he told him ‘Don’t flood me with messages’. The BCCI has come to know that he refused to entertain their calls when all they were doing was to carry out the government’s directive.”

Subramanian became team’s administrative manager in 2017.

It has been reported that Subramaniam was asked to coordinate with the top officials of Indian High Commissions in Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago for the Indian team’s shoot on ‘Water Conservation’ project for the Government of India.

The matter later reached CoA chief Vinod Rai’s doorstep, who later asked CEO Rahul Johri and his team needed to step in to ensure that things were back on track.

Subramaniam is a former left-arm spinner from Tamil Nadu, who has incidentally also been senior off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin’s personal coach during his formative years.

BCCI has still not asked Sunil Subramaniam to return as yet, however a severe reprimand is on cards for Subramaniam.

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