Indian Air Force Plane AN-32 Overshoots Runway In Mumbai While Departure

An Indian Air Force (IAF) plane AN-32 overran a runway while departing the Mumbai airport on Tuesday night, leading to the closure of the runway. The incident luckily did not have any injuries.

However, the flight operations of over 50 flights were affected on Wednesday morning. On average departure delay was over 28 minutes.

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj airport in Mumbai is one of India’s busiest airports, the runway 09/27 was shut for over 12 hours leaving just 14/32 operational.

The offical statement of the Air Force said that an Air Force plane had a “runway excursion” at 23.39 pm on Tuesday. The AN-32 was travelling to the Yelahanka Air Force station in Bengaluru.

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