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India records 24,018 coronavirus positive cases in 24 hours

India’s confirmed coronavirus count touched 6,73,904 cases after reporting a new high of 24,018 cases in the past 24 hours. During the same time 610 deaths were recorded.

The positivity rate has also peaked to 9.64 percent. Which means one test returns positive for every ten conducted.

Since the beginning of the pandemic India has reported 19,279 deaths with the death rate of 2.86 percent.

India is theĀ  world’s fourth worst hit country, lagging Russia by just 600 odd cases. United States and Brazil top the charts with 2.93 million and 1.578 million cases respectively.

This is third consecutive day that India’s coronavirus infections increased by 21,000+ cases.

India has also increased its testing capacity by testing over a million in the past five days. However, epidemiologists still say that India isn’t testing enough compared to its population and size.

With current testing numbers India were able to test 7,093 people per million, which is very low when compared to Russia or United States who have tested 140,138 per million and 111,634 per million respectively.

India has as many as 1,087 labs in the country of which 780 labs are run by the government and 307 private labs.

Maharashtra being the worst-hit state in the country clocked 2 lakh cases with the major chunk of them coming from Mumbai. The states of Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Gujarat rank next.

In a report, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday said the world recorded 212,326 in 24 hours with biggest increase from India, Brazil and United States.

Globally the virus has infected 11.386 million people and led tot he death of 533,581.