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India: More than 1,500 attend monkey funeral breaching Covid-19 public gathering rules

The residents of a village in India organised a grand funeral ceremony and an elaborate feast after pained by the demise of a monkey. A crowd of over 1,500 people gathered at Dalupura village in Rajgarh district, Madhya Pradesh.

Viral mobile footage shows funeral procession with hymns being chanted as people carry the bier to the cremation site.

A youth named Hari Singh also shaved his head in keeping with Hindu rituals.

The monkey was not a pet, but frequented the village. In several parts of the country, monkeys are considered sacred for their association with Lord Hanuman.

Following the last rites, villagers collected money and organised a feast for more than 1,500 people. Cards were printed and distributed, inviting villagers to the feast.

The gatherings took place at a time when the state is in the throes of Covid surge powered by the new fast-spreading Omicron strain and large public gatherings are banned.

Police have registered a case for violation of Covid protocols and arrested two people.