India: Man ‘declared’ dead reappears after 24 years

A 72-year-old man who had gone missing decades ago over a petty family dispute in India’s Uttrakhand state returned.

Madho Singh Mehra who hails from Almora district went missing 24 years ago. His family waited for 10 years before the priest declared him dead, so that they could perform his last rites.

Now after his reappearance his family won’t accept his return until the priest performs a naming ceremony, newspapers published.

Over the weekend, Madho was found in a very thin and frail state. Villagers couldn’t tell who or how he had reached the village.

The villagers brought him to his home in a palanquin and the priest was immediately consulted.

Since his final rites had already been performed, a naming ceremony was recommended by the priest before he was welcomed inside the house.

For the time being, a tent has been set up in the courtyard for him to stay.

Over the years Madho’s wife lived a life of a window. His son and daughter were married.

“I was a child when our uncle (Tau) Madho Singh Mehra went missing and our family looked for him and waited for 10-year in the hope of his return. When he didn’t return, our family took the refuge of our ancestral deity and asked our priest, who also acts as an oracle, about it. He declared him dead,” said Madho’s 38-year-old nephew Ram Singh Mehra.