India joins United States, Brazil in the 1 million coronavirus league

India became the third country in the world to report over one million coronavirus cases on Friday, only behind the United States and Brazil.

With India’s population over 1.38 billion people, epidemiologists find the infection numbers low and expect the cases to further rise as testing becomes more easily accessible.

The rate of infection has surged in recent weeks, pushing India beyond Russia last week.

As the virus is pushing the healthcare system to the brink, authorities have started imposing fresh lockdowns in several states and districts.  The state of Bihar, with a population of 124 million people has imposed severe restrictions until July 31. IT capital city, Bengaluru along with three other neighbouring districts have imposed a week long lockdown. Pune, another industry hub has also shut down.

India recorded 35,648 new infections on Friday, taking the total to tally to 1,003,832 including 25,602 deaths from COVID-19.

Experts say India is still likely months from hitting its peak.

Rahul Gandhi, leader of the opposition Congress party, urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take concrete steps to contain the pandemic, tweeting that the number of infections will double to two million by August 10 at this pace.