Incredibly drunk man drives car without tyre

South Yorkshire Police in UK arrested a driver after finding a badly damaged car in Rotherham.

Posting a picture of the beat-up silver Peugeot on Twitter, they said that the driver didn’t have insurance or a valid license either. He had also failed to show up for two court appearances for previous offenses.

“Found this Peugeot tonight and arrested its driver for an expired license, no insurance, leaving an RTC, not showing up to court (x2) and last but by no means least, for driving whilst so incredibly drunk he failed to realise he was missing a tyre” wrote South Yorkshire Police.

The picture they shared shows the Peugeot with one of its front tyres missing.

This isn’t even the first instance of an intoxicated man driving without a tyre in this year alone. In July, UK’s North West Motorway Police arrested a drunk man who was driving without a tyre.

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