Inbox by Gmail to shut down next month

Sundar Pichai led Google will be shutting down an application called “Inbox by Gmail” on the 2nd of April.

Over the past couple of months, Google have been eliminating unpopular applications and services. Google+, rival to Facebook also will shut down next month.

Google will offer shortcut a that opens the Gmail app for Inbox by Gmail users. Google have listed a countdown on their website for the shutdown.

In the last few updates for Gmail, Google have introduced multiple Inbox features in the Gmail application like Smart Reply, Nudges, inline attachments, and more. However it may take long till all the features of Inbox arrive in Gmail.

Inbox by Gmail started in 2014. The app was meant to increase productivity, especially for the ones that deal with a lot of emails on a daily basis. It allowed users to automatically generate replies, create bundles, and much more.

Users are finding it tough to find the Inbox by Gmail application in the android play store.