In Pictures: Wuhan a ghost town

The Chinese city of Wuhan has become a ghost town after authorities put the city on a lockdown.

The epicentre of the new virus resulted in cancellation of planes and trains out of the city. Authorities have suspended the city’s public transport in bid to control the spread of the deadly disease.

Residents worry over food shortages  as streets in the virus-hit central Chinese city left deserted after it was put on lockdown. Some defined the severe clampdown as “the end of the world.”

Meanwhile, the death toll has risen to 106 and over 4500 people are known to have caught the virus.

Below are a few pictures of the ghost town:

An aerial view shows residential and commercial buildings of Wuhan
An empty street in Wuhan
Street view after Wuhan government banned non-essential vehicles on roads
Deserted expressways in Wuhan
Workers spray disinfectant at a train station in Wuhan

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