In Pictures: Locust outbreak hits a 70 year record

The biggest locust outbreak that parts of East Africa and Southeast Asia have seen in decades, while the United Nations warned that the already vulnerable region “simply cannot afford another major shock”.

Some nations have deployed military to spray ground-based pesticides, whereas some are using jets.

Billions of locusts have been destroying crops, breaking 70 year records.

The insects have exploited favourable wet conditions after unusually heavy rains and experts say climate change is expected to bring more of the same.

The locust are not only eating vegetation, that could cause food insecurity but also it could also lead to disruption in planting of crops.

The biggest locust outbreak in 70 years.
A man chases away a swarm of desert locusts some 200km east of the capital Nairobi, Kenya.
Uganda People’s Defence Force soldiers prepare equipment to spray crops with pesticide.
Uganda People’s Defence Force soldier holds a desert locust
Woman amidst the desert locusts have swarm.
Desert locust swarm in Pakistan.

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