In Celebratory firing father kills son, ex- MLA kills woman

Father Shoots Son

A 42- year old man in New Delhi was arrested for shooting his son dead in a celebratory firing. The police have arrested the father for committing murder.

The bullet hit the 8 year old boy on his right cheek, and was rushed to the hospital. The hospital declared him dead.

During the police investigation the father was the prime suspect, he later confessed to his crime. He told the police that he purchased the firearm illegally from a man in Uttar Pradesh and fired in the air, the bullet accidently hit his son.

Ex Minister Shoots Woman

Archana Gupta along with her husband had gone to celebrate new years eve with friends at a farmhouse where an ex-JD (U) MLA Raju Singh fired celebratory shots to welcome the new year.

Archana’s husband noticed that his wife had fallen down and was bleeding.

The Ex JD(U) MLA along with his driver had absconded and the MLA’s wife then began to tamper and destroy the evidence before the police arrived.

The police later arrested the MLA, his driver and his wife. Also the Delhi police seized the pistol from the MLA’s car, two rifles and 800 bullets  from his farmhouse.