Imam suspended from mosque after his wife turned out to be a man

An imam from Uganda was suspended by his mosque, after his newly-wed wife was found to be, in reality, a man.

Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, 27, found out the truth when his ‘wife’ was caught stealing a neighbour’s TV set in Kayunga and was searched by the police.

The imposter later admitted that he pretended to be a woman, so he could marry the imam and steal his money, local media reported.

After knowing about the incident, Mutumba was suspended from his duties as a cleric at the Kyampisi Masjid Noor mosque.

Even though he did not know about the deceit and has been shocked a fair amount himself, his mosque considered it right to suspend him.

The head cleric said it was to “preserve the integrity of their faith”.

According to Daily Mail, Mutumba claimed he hadn’t been intimate with his ‘wife’ after their wedding because she told him she was menstruating.

It was reported that he thought that he was marrying a woman Swabullah Nabukeera when they wed in December.

The suspect was exposed when he was arrested for theft of a television set and clothes from Mutumba’s next-door neighbours.

Friends and colleagues of the imam said they were also fooled by the imposter as he usually wore a hijab, had a “sweet soft voice” and “walked like a woman”.

The case is being investigated and Mutumba was known to have been receiving counselling to recover from the shock, Daily Mail reported.