IIT Bombay: stray bull gatecrashes lecture at one of India’s premier institute

At one of India’s renowned engineering institutes, IIT Bombay a stray cattle was seen gatecrashing a lecture.

In a viral video, the unruly stray bull entered the class while one of the professors was giving a lecture, the students and the professor looked on as the bull made way.

Students while speaking with local media said that cattle menace had increased in and around the institute over the past few months. Adding, the administration wasn’t doing enough to contain the situation.

Students residing in hostels on campus fell unsafe as cattle often stray into rooms and the buildings.

Soon after the incident, the local municipal body, BMC swing into action to remove some of the stray cattle.

The institute had plans of building a shelter for such stray cattle in the premises, but the plan still remains on paper.

Animal activist say that the cattle herds on the campus are a part of the human animal conflict.

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