IAF chief Dhanoa leads “Missing Man” formation in honor of fallen Kargil war heroes

Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa and chief of the Western Air Command Air Marshal Raghu Nambiar were among many senior military aviators who formed the “Missing Man” formation to honour fallen comrade by flying the oldest variants of the MiG-21. Air chief and chief of western command had flown missions during the war in 1999.

Twenty years ago IAF lost two fighter jets within hours of each other at the height of the Kargil war. Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja, who flew a MiG-21, was killed by Pakistani forces while another pilot, Flight Lieutenant K Nachiketa was shot down and released by Pakistan days later.

The formation of the five MiG-21 Type 96 jets was conspicuous by the absence of one aircraft that symbolises a missing man, in this case Squadron Leader Ahuja.

During the Kargil war, Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa had commanded Squadron Leader Ahuja as they were part of the 17 Squadron, called the Golden Arrows.

On May 27, 1999, Squadron Leader Ahuja took to the hostile skies near the Line of Control to search for Squadron Leader Kambampati Nachiketa, who had been shot down over Kargil. But Squadron Leader Ahuja’s MiG-21 was hit. He radioed in “suspected missile hit” before ejecting.

Squadron Leader Nachiketa was captured by the Pakistani Army and released several days later, but his comrade chose to fight it out, firing his revolver at the Pakistani forces as they closed in on him and killed him.

The IAF chief will also be a part of a helicopter “Missing Man” formation in Sarsawa on Tuesday in honour of four IAF helicopter crew who were killed when their chopper was shot down by a Pakistani surface-to-air missile while flying over Kargil.

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