“I didn’t know I was buying a death ticket”: Dozens more lawsuits filed over deadly Astroworld festival crush

Dozens more lawsuits have been filed on behalf of people who say they were injured at the Astroworld Festival where nine people died.

Hundreds were also injured in a crush during rapper Travis Scott's headline show at the festival last weekend.

A woman who was at the show told a news conference she didn't know she was buying a "death ticket".

"Nobody should ever die from going to a concert," civil rights Attorney Ben Crump said.

"So this lawsuit is not just about getting justice for them, but it's about making sure that the promoters and the organisers know that you cannot allow this to ever happen in the future."

Attorneys representing more than 200 people claiming they were injured in the stampede told reporters they are filing another 90 lawsuits against the promoters of the event.

On Monday, lawsuits were filed including allegations that Scott and surprise performer Drake incited the crowd at Friday's event, and that Live Nation failed to provide adequate safety measures.

"They witnessed people being killed. They witnessed people in agony," Mr Crump said of the survivors. "People were literally fighting for their life just to get out of there."

"We're not going to let anybody off the hook."

Also speaking at the news conference were people who were at the show.

"It was a nightmare day," said Gertrude Daughtery, a 59-year-old grandmother.

"Never know that you will buy a ticket and it will be your death ticket," Ms Daughtery said.

Dishon Isaac, 31, described the scene at the show as a "war zone".

"I realised I had to get out of there or I was going to get crushed to death," he said.

"I'll never forget the look of terror on people's faces."

Scott, one of the biggest names in rap music, launched Astroworld with concert promoters Live Nation in 2018.

Houston fire chief Samuel Peña said this week that Scott should have halted the show more quickly.

Scott has asked victims to reach out to him, saying he "desperately wishes to share his condolences and provide aid", according to a statement.