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Husband who stabbed his wife for eating curd sentenced to 8 years imprisonment

Two years after a husband in Mumbai repeatedly stabbed his wife for eating curd was sentenced to eight years imprisonment by a sessions court.

What Happened?

In September 2019, Ranjana brought home curd given to her by her mother. Her husband, Sachin, saw her eating the curd and questioned her. He said that it looked like a cat had eaten the curd. When Ranjana asked him why he had compared her to a cat, Sachin got angry. An argument broke out resulting in Sachin picking up a knife lying nearby and stabbing his wife, Ranjana.

The landlord’s son-in-law heard her and rescued her. By then, Sachin had fled the scene. Ranjana had to be hospitalised for a month as she recovered from her injuries.

Sachin accused of attempt to murder, was traced and arrested. He has been in jail since then. While testifying in court Ranjana said Sachin would often abuse her while drunk. While Sachin told the court that Ranjana had injured herself after she fell down. The court refuted his argument.

In India domestic abuse and violence against women have increased to a 10 year high amid the coronavirus lockdown. Data suggests 86% women who experienced violence never sought help, and 77% of the victims did not even mention the incident to anyone.