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Hurricane Ida: Chilling videos of pilots flying into eye of storm goes viral

The United States was struck by a powerful cyclonic system over the weekend. Category 4 storm called Hurricane Ida made landfall in the US state of Louisiana on Sunday. The system hit with a maximum speed of 240km/h and brought severe destruction along the eastern coast.

A clip of a pilot flying into the eye of the storm has gone viral. The video was shared on Twitter by the National Hurricane Centre which focuses on the Atlantic basin.

Hurricane Ida is considered to be the most dangerous than 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, which is one of the fiercest storms in America’s history.

Apart from this, another clip by the NOAA Hurricane hunters, a government organization, has surfaced. The clip features two pilots flying into the eye of hurricane Ida and has garnered more than 4.5 lakh views and tons of comments.

Two of the strongest hurricanes that made landfall in Louisiana were the Island Hurricane of 1856 and Laura of 2020.