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Hungry Polar Bears Invade Russian Island

Hundred of hungry polar bears have invaded the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in Russia. The Russian ministry of environment has dispatched a team of specialists to sedate and remove dozens of polar bears.

The Novaya Zemlya island is home to 3,000 people.

The head of the local administration Zhigansha Musin said, “There’s never been such a mass invasion of polar bears, They have literally been chasing people.”

A state of emergency is declared in the region, the deputy head of administration Alexander Minayev said, “People are scared, and afraid to leave their homes. Parents are unwilling to let their children go to school or nursery.”

In Russia, the polar bear is declared as endangered and shooting them are prohibited against the law. Attempts to scare off the polar bears using car horns and dogs have all failed.

Officials warn that culling of polar bears may be necessary to ensure safety of the local population. Footage shows polar bears feeding on rubbish and local dumps in the area.