Hungry dormouse ate so much from a bird feeder that he got STUCK inside

A hungry dormouse crawled into a bird feeder and ate so much it got stuck.

The creature spent two and a half hours in the plastic cylinder after gorging on millet and sunflower seeds.

The chubby dormouse was unfazed by the birds pecking away around it.

Cheryl Hewins, 72, who found it in her garden on the Isle of Wight, said: ‘I was surprised to see this chubby dormouse in my bird feeder.

‘I’m glad he enjoyed his meal.’

Catherine Holder of the Hampshire Dormouse Group, who helped rescue the animal after Ms Hewins contacted her on Facebook, added: ‘Cheryl was a bit panicked about finding it in her feeder.’

‘Generally they are not a garden species and if they do come to bird feeders it will be at night.

‘It’s quite unusual for someone to see them sitting still, blinking at them.’

Dormice are small rodents, with body lengths between 6 and 19 cm. hey are generally mouse-like in appearance, but with furred, rather than scaly, tails. They are largely arboreal, agile, and well adapted to climbing. Most species are nocturnal.

They are native to the United Kingdom, in everyday English usage “dormouse” can refer either to that one species or to the family as a whole.