Hungarian parliament passes anti-LGBT laws ahead of 2022 elections

The Hungarian parliament passed anti-LGBT legislature on Tuesday ahead of 2022 elections.

The law bans the dissemination of content in schools deemed to promote homosexuality and gender change. It received strong criticism from human rights groups and opposition parties.

Hardline nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who faces an election next year, has grown increasingly radical on social policy, railing against LGBT people and immigrants.

Mr Orban’s Fidesz party, which promotes a Christian-conservative agenda, tacked the proposal banning school talks on LGBT issues to a separate, widely backed bill that strictly penalizes pedophilia, making it much harder for opponents to vote against it.

“Using child protection as an excuse to target LGBTIQ people is damaging to all children in Hungary,” European Parliament lawmaker Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield said.

Gay marriage is not recognized in Hungary and only heterosexual couples can legally adopt children. The laws passed by the parliament have drawn parallels to Russia’s 2013 law that bans disseminating “propaganda” among young Russians.

Mr Orban has won three successive election landslides since 2010, but opinion polls this time show him lagging behind his competitors.