Hundreds of weddings in India’s Rajasthan could magnify Covid-19 situation

Hundreds of weddings would be taking place in the Indian state of Rajasthan between 25-30 November as its considered one of the most auspicious weeks for wedding ceremonies in the Hindu calendar.

At least 3,000 weddings would be held in state capital Jaipur alone.

The state government have allowed 100 guests and mandatory use of masks, sanitisers and social distancing at wedding venues are some of the conditions that need to be ensured at the weddings across the state. Any violations of these conditions will invite a fine of ₹ 25,000, the government has said.

However, weddings come at a time when the infection rate is spiking once again. The number of Covid-19 infections have risen by at least 3,000 everyday since November 21.

Taking into account the sudden spike in the cases in the last few days, the state government has imposed night curfew in eight district headquarters, including Jaipur, from 8 pm to 6 am. However, those attending marriage functions are exempted from it.

Officials fear that the infection may spread rapidly due to such events.