Humans kill washed-up baby seal by excessively petting it

A baby seal that washed ashore a beach after a storm in Russia died after being excessively petted by humans.

The baby seal had washed on-shore in the village of Zarubino, in far eastern Russia’s Primorsky Krai region after a storm.

Locals spotted the helpless-looking seal pup and rushed to the spot. But instead of rescuing the seal, the crowd pet the pup and clicked pictures with it.

The mother then approached her baby twice, but both times, she returned to the sea alone after a few sniffs because of the human crowd.

The pup kept crying and howling as humans bombarded it with unwanted attention, camera clicks, and some even came along with dogs, further frightening the seal.

When animal experts arrived, the pup was taken to a rehabilitation centre in a state. The diagnosis was in “severe shock after the intense human interaction.” The vets named the female pup Nelly and did their best to rescue her. But they failed.

“Nelly died from the physiological effects of stress. The baby seals are very fearful. The hormones of stress, adrenaline and cortisol kill them,” a spokesperson for the centre told local media.