Howdy, Modi! rally win-win for Modi and Trump

US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi exchanged warm words of friendship in Texas in a rare mass rally welcoming a foreign leader. Over 50,000 people gathered for what President Trump called a “profoundly historic event” on Sunday in Houston.

The event dubbed as “Howdy, Modi!” was billed as one of the largest ever receptions of a foreign leader in the US.

A 90-minute show, featuring 400 performers, warmed up the crowds before Modi and Trump shared the stage.

“From CEO to commander-in-chief, from boardrooms to the Oval Office, from studios to the global stageā€¦ he has left a lasting impact everywhere.. India has a “true friend” in the White House,” Modi said.

“I’m so thrilled to be here in Texas with one of America’s greatest, most devoted and most loyal friends, Prime Minister Modi of India,” Trump told the crowd.

This rally is a win-win for both the leaders. For President Trump, it was a chance to court Indian-Americans for the 2020 presidential election race and for PM Modi it helps builds his PR back here in India.

However, this welcome might not last as he is expected to face criticism over the Kashmir lockdown, after his government stripped of Kashmir’s its special status early last month.