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How Iranian schools are ensuring social distancing and how the world can learn

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our day to day life, social distancing and facemasks have become norms almost around the world.

Now, a viral picture of children attending classes in school has gone viral.

The picture from Iran shows children sitting in transparent net structures in order to maintain social distancing.

Many people were impressed by the idea. One user wrote, “it’s one of the best ideas, in my opinion, looks comfortable, no face masks, plenty of room so they can fidget as much as they like but you can guarantee people will be critical simply because of where the school is.”

Reuters reported that schools in Iran have been re-opened. A total of 15 million students returned to school on September 5, after a time period of seven months.

President Hassan Rouhani said, “This year, we shoulder a heavier burden of responsibility toward our students.”