Hospitals remove masks, sanitizer stockpile from common areas to prevent theft

The rapidly spreading coronavirus has reached over 100 countries and has set people in a panic mode. In order to prevent themselves from the virus, people are rushing to buy sanitizers and masks to stockpile at home.

As the medical stores are running out of face masks and hand sanitizers, people have resorted to stealing these stuffs from doctors’ offices.

A doctor in Kentucky, the US, recently found that sanitizers were mysteriously disappearing from his exam rooms.

The doctor, named Brett Oliver, said that he has been in the profession for two decades, but he was witnessing this level of fear (due to coronavirus) for the first time.

Owing to the incidents of stealing, doctors have started removing the items from common areas. Nurses in hospitals also note the count of blue surgical masks at the top of each shift.

The CNBC quoted a doctor named Shuhan He, as saying that his hospital started hiding surgical masks in urgent care after he noticed a person trying to steal masks.

Besides hand sanitizers and face masks, some places reported theft of respirator masks and other protective wear.