Horse airlifted to safety after it falls into a 60 feet ravine in the United States

A horse that fell 60 feet down a ravine was airlifted to safety and delivered back to its owner.

The incident occurred in Orange County in California on Monday this week. Diana Johns, the owner of the horse in a Facebook post narrated the story.

She, along with a friend had set off to ride at the Caspers Regional Park in the Rancho Mission Viejo. On the way, they took a turn to go up the mountain in a narrow trail, after which Lola, the horse, became nervous. Diana then tried to dismount the horse. But Lola got spooked and turned the other way. By the time Diana regained her balance, Lola had vanished.

Diana and her friend hurried back the trail passing through the bushes and rocks, until they found the horse down the steep ravine. It was difficult to get the horse out of there. But they called the Park Rangers and Search and Rescue for help.

According to the Orange County Fire Authority, they received the call at about 12:18 pm. The search and rescue team came with a helicopter and a vet who had to sedate the horse, so that they could safely fly the horse out. The horse was then pulled up and delivered to its owner in a safe area.

“Lola an 8-year-old horse fell down an approximately 60 foot ravine and was trapped. #OCFA technical rescue team members and our helicopter devised a plan to save Lola,” the post read.

“Walking the horse out was not an option due to the terrain. We had a vet come to the scene to sedate Lola so we could safely fly her out. We flew Lola to a safe landing spot with additional rescue team members waiting,” it added.

The owner expressed her gratitude through a Facebook post.