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Horrifying Video: Woman throws plastic bottle into hippo’s mouth during safari tour

A woman throwing a plastic bottle into a hippopotamus’s mouth has sparked an online outrage.

A horrific video surfaced from Taman Safari in Bogor, West Java. The video was recorded by Cyntia Ayu.

“While driving, I saw an arm pop out of a car window holding a plastic cup, waving it at the hippo to apparently make it open its mouth,” Ayu said.

She also saw the culprits throwing some tissue as if the hippo’s mouth were a trash bin, but it didn’t land inside its mouth. Ayu claims she honked at the car to try and stop it but the people in front of her didn’t bother with the warning signs.

Instead of following the car, she chose to rush to the tiger spot where she met with officials and notified them. The officials rushed to the spot and helped the animal, removing the plastic garbage from the hippo’ mouth.

The way Taman Safari works is that people can drive around in their cars and have a look at the wildlife in the park but they are not allowed to leave the vehicles for both human and animal safety.

According to Doni Herdaru from the charity Animal Defenders Indonesia, the people involved have been identified. Herdaru claims it was a middle-aged woman and she even apologised.

Yulius Suprihardo, Taman Safari spokesman, says an official police complaint has been filed against the woman.

“It is a form of animal abuse and the creature is alive only because the cup was removed. If it wasn’t, she would have died” Suprihardo said.