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Horrifying Video: Woman assaults Uber driver after being asked to wear a facemask

In a horrific incident, a women rider was seen assaulting an Uber driver in San Francisco, United States. The rider was seen hurling abuses, racial slurs and coughing at the driver after he asked her to wear a face mask.

The rider was identified as Malaysia King.

Subhakar Khadka, the Uber driver, said that he had stopped at a gas station to allow the woman, who had boarded the cab with two of her friends, to buy a face mask. The rider, however, refused to wear a mask.

In a video shared online the woman in the back seat of the cab can be seen yelling at and coughing into the driver’s face.

After the woman realises that he is recording the incident, she snatches his phone and removes the mask from his face.

The driver claimed that the woman and her friends threatened to beat him up, and one of them even tried to spray pepper on him.

Condemning the incident, Uber tweeted: “This behaviour is completely unacceptable and goes against our Community Guidelines.”

King, was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with assault, conspiracy and violation of the health and safety code, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

Khadka, who hails from Nepal, has been living in the US for eight years.

Uber rival Lyft tweeted that they have also permanently banned King from their platform.