Horrifying Video: Man captures moment tornado hitting his house in Czech Republic

An eyewitness video captured the moment a tornado hit a house in the southern Czech city of Hodonín on Thursday evening.

The footage shows trees being bent and broken by winds that knock through a wall and send debris flying through the air before the tornado hits the man’s house, blowing a window in.

At least five people were killed and hundreds injured after the tornado ripped through towns and villages around Hodonín, near the Czech Republic’s borders with Austria and Slovakia.

The man who filmed this footage says he was not injured.

Michal Kempny helps rebuild ravaged Czech hometown

Michal Kempný, Czech professional ice hockey defenceman for the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League is helping clean up the South Moravia area after an tornado ravaged several Czech villages.

“I still can’t believe what kind of a catastrophe struck the south of Moravia yesterday,” Kempny said on Instagram.

“The region I hail from and where I love to return. Today’s return is different and personal. Assessing the current situation gives me chills. I am very grateful that my family and closest people are alright and safe, but on the other hand, I know many families were not that lucky and that makes me feel sad. Stay strong south Moravia! We will get through this! #Lužice”