Horrific CCTV footage shows drunk driver running over pedestrians

In a horrific video viral on the internet, a cab drunk driver was seen driving his vehicle over pedestrians on the footpath in Bangalore.

The incident took place on a footpath in HSR Layout locality of Bengaluru at 3pm on Sunday. Seven people have been injured in the crash while police have taken the errant driver in custody.

In the video, people are seen dining at the eatery and a few others walking on the pavement when a white SUV takes a turn from the road in full speed and runs over the unsuspecting lot.

The CCTV footage shows the car coming out of nowhere and stopping after running over the group.

There have been no reports of any casualties so far.

Police have said the driver was drunk when he drove the car on the pavement, running over multiple people standing in front of a roadside eatery and walking on the pavement.

Police have registered a case and arrested the driver for drunken and rash driving.

Source : Various