Hong Kong protesters take spotlight as China marks 70 years of Communist rule

Protesters and police clashed early this morning, with some people getting pepper sprayed. After the commotion died down, it picked back up again after the end of the Beijing march.

Thousands of protesters are moving from Causeway Bay to Wan Chai. There are also a number of other demonstrations planned for several citywide districts. The unauthorized protest march in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, with several roads shut down and blocks packed with people, most dressed in black and many carrying umbrellas.

There are no official figures on the count, however it seems to be the largest protest in recent weeks. Organizers of the march — which did not receive police permission and is technically illegal — have called for it to be a peaceful demonstration.

Protesters at Causeway Bay district threw fake money in the air — a take on a common tradition during the annual Hungry Ghost Festival. During the festival, people often burn fake currency for relatives in the afterlife.

One protester who was throwing fake currency said “in 1949 when China was established, it was the death of China. And for 70 years China lost its former spirit … we lost everything we treasured.” These notes are meant for the ghost of China.

The ground is now littered with these fake notes, with some protesters even setting fire to the small piles of paper. The Hong Kong police have released a statement, urging the protesters gathering on Hong Kong Island’s Causeway Bay to “leave immediately.”

In Hong Kong’s Wong Tai Sin district large number of riot police charged the protesters who had gathered on a main road, firing tear gas.

The subway in 14 stations were closed following widespread protests against China.

Hong Kong Protesters
Hong Kong Protests release black balloons
Hong Kong Protesters dressed in black
Hong Kong Protester with black Chinese flag
President Xi Jinping mocked

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