Hong Kong protesters mark five year anniversary of Umbrella Movement

Thousands of people gathered at the Hong Kong government headquarters on Saturday night to mark the fifth anniversary of the Umbrella Movement, the first ever homegrown pro-democracy movement in the semi-autonomous Chinese city.

The 79-day sit-in laid siege to the government office compound and took over parts of the downtown business district in the autumn of 2014, but failed to win any concession from Beijing on the right to free and fair elections.

Even though their demands weren’t met they returned to show the passage of time has only bolstered their fighting spirit. “Free Hong Kong! Democracy Now!” they chanted.

This year, the anniversary has taken with much more importance because of the ongoing anti-government protests.

The protesters, many dressed all in black and wearing masks, took cover under umbrellas from the water cannon and fled after the demonstrations had taken a familiar turn into clashes with police as they have done regularly over more than three months.

Police fired blue water, used in other countries to help identify offenders, as protesters regrouped 100 yards (meters) away.

They had smashed windows of government offices and tried to break in, shouting obscenities and daubing slogans on shop-fronts. They also shone lasers at a helicopter hovering overhead.

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