Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters and pro-Beijing protesters clash in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district

Clashes between pro-democracy protesters and pro-Beijing protesters broke out in Hong Kong’s crowded shopping area.

Hundreds of pro-Beijing demonstrators waved Chinese flags and chanted slogans on Saturday at Amoy Plaza in the densely packed Kowloon district

Counter-protesters, who have rallied for months against the government quickly gathered there, sparking tension as the two camps heckled each other.

The pro-Beijing demonstrators chanted “Support the police” and “China, add oil”, while also adapting a line used by the opposing pro-democracy protesters, loosely meaning: “China, keep your strength up.” In one instance, a woman shouted “Hong Kong is China” at an angry passersby.

At another point, pro-democracy protesters began a popular protest anthem, prompting rival demonstrators to sing China’s national anthem.

However, the situation soon turned violent, with groups trading blows and some using umbrellas and Chinese flags to attack their opponents. The scuffles left some people visibly bloodied and bruised before police moved in to break up the fights. Several protesters were detained.

Normally violence erupted between police and pro-democracy protesters. But for the first time in the 15th week, a pro-Beijing group and pro-democracy group clashed.

The pro-democracy protests were sparked by a legislature that allow Beijing to extradite Hong Kong residents to the mainland China. The protest movement gradually added more agenda, seeking more freedom from China in terms of electing leaders and a third party inquiry into police brutality against protesters.

Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam withdrew the controversial bill without fulfilling any other demands.

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