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Hit-and-run: Woman who killed New York judge in car accident claims she is Harry Potter

A 23-year-old woman from Florida, claiming to be Harry Potter, has been charged in a hit-and-run case that killed a New York federal judge and seriously injured a six-year-old boy on April 9.

Nastasia Snape was driving near the intersection of North Ocean Boulevard when her car veered across the traffic to the south-bound lane, onto the sidewalk before hitting 75-year-old Judge Sandra Feuerstein from New York, according to Boca Raton Police said.

Judge Feuerstein was rushed to Delray Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

A six-year-old boy was also mowed down by Snape.

A Boca Raton spokesperson stated that the little boy was treated at a hospital for his injuries. But Snape didn’t stop after the crash. She fled the scene only to crash again in five miles.

The police officers who responded to the crash initially thought she was unconscious, but then she appeared to have seizures. When paramedics reached the scene and placed her in an ambulance, she started screaming and began to fight them, claiming she is Harry Potter. Ironically, one of the main characters in Harry Potter books is named Snape.

The woman, when being interviewed by police officers, didn’t make eye contact with them but instead “stared into space” and was described to be moving around as a typical person would be who had just been involved in a crash.

The police officer who interviewed her said she remembered being in a crash but when asked about the details, she muttered that she wasn’t in a crash.

A synthetic drug called T-salts — known to cause erratic delirium-like behaviour –and small containers of “THC Cannabis” was found in her car. Snape was charged with hit-and-run involving death, leaving a scene of a crash involving injury and vehicular homicide, each count carries a $20,000 bond.