Hiroshima woman calls cops to complain about foul smell coming from son’s corpse, mother arrested

A Japanese woman was arrested after she called the local emergency number asking what to do about the unpleasant odour coming from her son’s rotting corpse lying in the apartment they shared.

The 76-year-old woman has been identified as Toshiko Ujibe, resident of the Asaminami neighbourhood of Hiroshima, by the police.

On Monday at 7:40am local time authorities received a distress call from the woman. Understanding the gravity of the situation, the operator dispatched both the fire department and the police to the caller’s apartment.

The fire department first responded to the assistance call followed by the cops, who shared that the body’s foul smell had spread over the whole apartment upon their arrival.

Police found the decaying body of the woman’s 53-year-old son Kenji in his bedroom, dead and lying on a futon with his face up. After examining the body, cops found multiple cuts on his neck and investigators were unsure if the lacerations were inflicted before or after the son died.

After the cops questioned the mother, she claimed that her son died around 10 days back, most probably in mid-May. The police are investigating why the mother didn’t report her son’s death in a timely manner.

The police are now waiting for an autopsy to to verify if the cuts killed him, indicating a murder.

Ujibe is not being suspected of killing Kenji but has been arrested for abandoning, damaging or possessing the corpse. She now faces a maximum of three years in jail.